Friday, October 21, 2011

Inspired By A Parody Drawing

For doing Over-Dramatic Reading Assignment, I did not know what to read/record ... and I suddenly remembered what I saw recently.
It was THIS below.

YUP, hills are literally ALIVE! LOL
I saw this on a T-shirt which one of my classmates in other class than CISTUJ was wearing one day ... and it just cracked me out! LOL

To know the original meme for this image, you need to watch this clip from a great musical-film, The Sound of Music.

...Wished to find one with the actual movie scene... :(
Here are the lyrics I read.

AND from the lyrics of this beautiful song, I just tried to combine a horrifying feeling to it ... went for a panic-horror kinda mood! lol

Well, if your ears are strong enough to stand the scream, enjoy! XD

[VOON] Panic-Horroic Sound of Music


  1. Goodness gracious - this is incredible. You have a great talent with your voice. You are really killing it with your audio work here.

    The interpretation you gave to this changed the song entirely - it did have horror or panic feel. But there was also a nice melody to your delivery.

    Very impressive.

    Speaking of Sound of Music. I recently heard an interesting replay of a BBC story from a few years ago about how little the people of Austria know of the film/play.

  2. TNX! Since I really like voice-acting and dubbing, I really appreciate your words for this! :D

    GEEZ, I didn't know that ... I thought that the film/play were totally a worldwide well known thing, at least in English-speaking countries!
    Is there seem to be any reasons for this result?

  3. When listening to the radio documentary, many of the Austrians said they'd formed an opinion of The Sound of Music without seeing it. They felt that it would be superficial treatment of their country and culture (Hollywoodized or something). But several of those who were interviewed after seeing it, were deeply moved.

    I wonder what they thing if they heard your rendition. :)

  4. OH, that makes sense...
    When I took sort of a film analyzing course before, I learned that Hollywood films have a certain mood/particularities, which are really strong characteristics.
    I think those are strong enough to make Austrians feel nervous about seeing the film...

    ...I guess, some rock-'n'-rollers would like it! LOL

  5. Question: You know who would really like it?
    Answer: ds106 radio

  6. I agree with Scott, this is amazing. I love the way you turn something so pure and innocent into a horror show. And your screaming and panic is palpable. Brilliant!

  7. Scott>>
    What a punk-rock project! lol

    TNX! ;(

    It was awfully fun to imagine Maria screaming and running away from something creepy and dangerous, AND act that way! XD

  8. Your reading voice is excellent! It is also good that you put a short music at the end of the clip so that the listeners would understand this is a kind of cynical interpretation of the famous movie.

    Overall, this is quite a unique way to "deconstruct" one of the most classical movies in the world that has fixed reputations such as purity as commented above.

  9. GLAD that you did get the reading voice was a cynical one before you listened to my work! XD

    WELL, when I first came up with the idea, I myself was like cracking out ... but at the same time, I thought that I'd be hated by the masterpiece fans really bad! LOL
    No one might find any purity in my reading work ... maybe except for pure fear! (...Really?) LOL

    TNX for comment! ;)

  10. I really like your interpretation of the sound of music song. Youre voice are cool. When I was little I used to watch sound of music over and over and it has always given me a special feeling. Thanks to you, my interpretation of it has now all changed. haha. brilliant

  11. TNX for the comment! ;)

    WELL, at the first moment, I was like feeling a little sorry for the Sound of Music fans about putting up like THIS kinda shit... LOL
    So, if you liked it, that really comforts me ... TNX to YOU! lol

    I hope that your new interpretation isn't a bad one ... AND I think I guess not! HAHAHA! :D

  12. not only the concept, but the colors in that picture are brilliant!!

  13. Yup, and it looked very well on my classmate's T-shirt!
    I wish the image was my work, too... lol