Monday, November 7, 2011

Based on #1QAD part12 + SoundCloud Direct-Recording Experiment

CQ, CQ, this is W9GFO. by moritatuj17

"CQ, CQ, this is W9GFO. This is W9GFO. Do you copy?"

AND, do YOU copy? lol

Plus, I've done a direct recording experiment using SoundCloud site, which is the audio file below...
Direct Recording Experiment by moritatuj17
...AND which I recorded the same quote for today.

I was totally surprised to know how the sound quality could be good enough compared to the software-recorded thing.
However, since SoundCloud site allows free-course-users only 2hours-recording (data-storage) total, you might not be able to stay the data link forever if you wanna audio-record beyond that limit.

SO, I'll recommend you to do your audio-recordings by using softwares rather than doing direct-recordings, or to download your recordings from your SoundCloud accounts each time.


  1. This #1qAD series you have going is amazing. I unfortunately don;t know all the references, but that is part of the fun. All this new awesome stuff you are introducing us to. You just need to have people comment and offer some answers. Where are the commentators? You need to let Otto Paertz know Scott Lockman is not dropping the whip enough on commentators ;)

  2. Thank you for your comment! ;)
    AND I'm so glad that you're enjoying all the quotes. :)

    I actually am introducing my 1QAD blogposts on Twitter each time, but not many people of my followers (classmates) seem to be on Twitter these days...
    PLUS, maybe my quotes are hard to tell where they came from, coz some of them are from Japanese popular mangas, but I translated all the quotes to English completely in my sense. XD;;;