Monday, October 31, 2011

Based on #1QAD part5

[VOON] He can call me a flower, if he wants to ... I won't mind.

"Well, THAT'S alright. He can call me a flower, if he wants to ... I won't mind."

What about THIS one? :)
I believe you CAN recognize this, coz it's from a very famous anime-film! ;)

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Based on #1QAD

[VOON] Hey, pops! Don't listen ta him, he's the Navy's!

"Hey, pops! Don't listen ta him, he's the Navy's!!"

...So, where do you think the quote come from?

My "Ex-Wife"

This blogpost is personifying a non-creature thing.
AND it is shouting out love toward it.

"She" is my "ex-wife" ... actually, I still would like to call her my wife.

She was the best mobilephone ever in my life ... but now, she isn't able to work anymore, coz a Japanese phone company quitted supporting her model coz its frequency was no more used coz of frequency reorganization.

Her model was named W42CA (Japanese link, sorry!), and it was the very first model which allowed monthly-fee-use of Internet from the G'zOne series.
She was released when I was at the very last moment of my high-school age ... and I simply fell in love with her ... coz she was just PERFECT!

She had a cute, round outline, and was thick; she really fit well in my hand ... and still.
However she was bad at Kanji letters, she was positioning every single function very usefully that I felt like she was my partner since I was in my mom's womb.

Yes ... she was the very best wife in whole world for me ... and I guess, still is now.

Now, I have a new wife.
But I remember that when I had to get a new one, I could not stand looking for the one who was similar to "her" ... I guess I still am seeking for an image of the greatest wife I've ever been with.
It has already past like half a year since I've started my new life with the new partner, but still, I sometimes try to treat her as if I'm with the later one.
Then, I always face slight, but obvious differences between "her" and the new wife ... each time, I suddenly miss "her" so.

"She" still sits beside my bed, but she doesn't wake at all coz she ran out of her energy several months ago.
"She" still looks the same as she was, but she'll never be working smoothly anymore coz metal pieces in her should be forgetting what they were already.

...Did I love her...?



Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Own Warning Sign

Did you notice it?
AND, can you understand it?

If not, BEWARE!!
Coz I NEVER am a female despite of my body born in a female form!
(I actually am a neutral-gender dude, though...)

...WELL, I'm not gonna tell you descriptions of what the words mean, coz

NEVER believe the person's physical gender in respect of perceptions for gender-image.
Just see how the person behaves like, and what the person dresses like.

The physical gender worth for NOTHING but medical scenes and making love with somebody.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Inspired By A Parody Drawing

For doing Over-Dramatic Reading Assignment, I did not know what to read/record ... and I suddenly remembered what I saw recently.
It was THIS below.

YUP, hills are literally ALIVE! LOL
I saw this on a T-shirt which one of my classmates in other class than CISTUJ was wearing one day ... and it just cracked me out! LOL

To know the original meme for this image, you need to watch this clip from a great musical-film, The Sound of Music.

...Wished to find one with the actual movie scene... :(
Here are the lyrics I read.

AND from the lyrics of this beautiful song, I just tried to combine a horrifying feeling to it ... went for a panic-horror kinda mood! lol

Well, if your ears are strong enough to stand the scream, enjoy! XD

[VOON] Panic-Horroic Sound of Music

Audio Recording Website In English + Response to Timmmmyboy's Blogpost, "We Are All Artists"

I did some test recordings by using this website called Vocaroo.

As you can sense, the quality of sound is inferior to the website I've introduced in the previous blogpost here...

AND, I did another experiment; right after I tried singing in high/low voices, I just tried keeping talking as long as I could stand.

Aand here beneath are the SoundCloud-embedded one of this record.
(WAV) Vocaroo Experiments & Response To Timmmmyboy by moritatuj17
(Mp3) Vocaroo Experiments & Response To Timmmmyboy by moritatuj17

...Which actually randomly became a response to Timmmmyboy's blogpost, "We Are All Artists".
I think I'm gonna write the response below, after talking about the audio recording thing...

YUP, it DID record everything...
AND by going through the "Help" page there, I couldn't find any info on how long we can record.

SO, if you're brave enough to try speaking longer than 10minutes, I guess this website will be one of your choices! ;)

However, you have to be careful; the data of recording is NOT going to be kept forever online.
If you wanna keep the recordings forever, you must download the data; which is available from the link "Download as WAV" ... I don't really remember the name of the link, though... XD;;;
But I believe you never can miss the link, coz it is located right beneath the place where you can grab the HTML of the data.

SO, I think I'm gonna talk about what I said in the recorded response to Timmmmyboy's blogpost...

I'm with the idea that we all are artists, coz I believe that way of thinking which divides artists/non-artists oftentimes become an obstacle for people's creating things.

You know, by that kinda way of thinking, we actually are limiting ourselves!
That limitation leaves you from doing NOTHING, so we need to get rid of that disgusting idea.

HOWEVER, I do have another issue; I stop making/thinking of something creative, whenever I feel like I'm not doing that.
Coz I'm a lazy person that happens all the time, and I don't know how to overcome with that. X(
I wish I could be like him ... how the hell can he cope with that kinda laziness?  Doesn't he never feel that?

AND by randomly thinking and talking about people's limiting themselves ending up not creating things, I've just found my own point of where I'm limiting myself.
I'm believing that I never can overcome with the laziness,
and I'm not even trying to overcome!!
Isn't THAT a grave obstacle for people who has to have good ideas?

WELL, by randomly speaking for Vocaroo-using experiment, I accidentally bumped into knowing my own way of limiting myself; that, I'll be able to try to deal with that thing. :)

So, people, remember this...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If You Are Interested In Recording Your Voice

Here is a website that's called VOON; here, you'll be able to record voice/sound up to 10minutes.

Of course, FOR FREE!!

Since the website is in Japanese, it's gonna be difficult for some people, but it only requires an account-making and to have a microphone that you might have for talking on Skype.
That means you only need to have a small headset!!

Why don't you try? ;)

Here, there is a English website that enables you to record your voice; that is Vocaroo!
All you have to do is to click "Record" and speak to your microphone, just like Voon website! ;)

I think I'm gonna do some experiments using this awesome shit and show it to you later on...

Are You Interested In Learning Japanese?

[VOON] Japanese-Read Ver. Eyeshield21 -from the 2nd down-

WELL, it's just coz of my not being able to find an English ver. copy of this manga... XD;;;

The manga's Eyeshield21 from Shueisha Boy's JUMP,
and I believe that this one is one of the most well drawn manga in the entire manga history!

Since I literally vocal-read the manga, you'll hear some Japanese onomatopoeia during the thing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Imagining What Color Would the Mood Be Like


WELL, I've never seen an American Football game before, though... XD

Sunday, October 16, 2011


You know what?
If you're getting Helvetica, it costs like HUNDREDS of bucks!!

AND if you're getting a whole family, 1000 BUCKS!!  (And THAT'S for cheap, man!)

...WELL, that wasn't a big issue for you guys who are Mac users...

(* Sorry!  I had to use Ariel instead of Helvetica!  DAMMIT!!)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogposting for the Midterm

Hmm ... WELL, I guess I have no choice but to write on the VISUAL topic... :D

Well, I guess that it itself is a very broad one.
However, coz of that broadness, it allows people to make any kinds of things.
Like an obviously DERP kinda things, for example...

image: DERP by Amadeus Varadi Hellequin through CC licensing

Well, I mean, any kinds of visualized information could be relating to that topic.

For example, who would know that these people are so looking like each other with out this clip?

A simple visualized info could be very powerful enough to crack people out!
How is that simple?

Like putting a fancy-font, tender words on an image of a murderer, putting a dialogue that never describes the figure in an image, and else...

However, that is not the only thing, obviously...

You only can upload your artworks to let the people know what kinda things you make;
THAT could be the main good of what visualized information could do for people, I guess.
As you might already know, HE is good at doing such things. :)

GEEZ, I really love this one here!
This blogpost is a well-done one, coz it activates both moving/non-moving visualized info here!

Well I'm absolutely bad at making visualized info that is enough for triggering a massive audience... XD

That is because of I am a bad writer, as you can see here...
Good writings could be a big support for visualized info, like you can see in this kinda assignment...

OMG, I'm doing things SOOOOOOO randomly... XD;;;

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Midterm Practice Post

If I'm attaching an image on by blog, I have to do like this...

1. Goto Flickr
2. Search for a keyword to look for images
3. Click "Advanced Search" nearby the searching form
4. Click&check on "Search from Creative Commons Only"
5. Submit the setting
6. Grab a photo html from "Share" ---> "Grab the HTML/BBcode"
7. Copy/paste the html
8. Under the image, put info about where the image came from: Image: (title of image with its page linked) by (whome, linked to one's Flickr Photostream) CC licensing <--- DONE!!

DON'T forget to thank the artist of the image for doing this! ;)

...So, here's the practiced one done by me below...

Forest lake in summer
Forest lake in summer

Image: Forest lake in summer by Alexel-D through CC licensing

AND how to embed a clip from YouTube...

1. Goto YouTube
2. Fine a clip that you want
3. Click "Share" ---> "Embed" and grab the html of the clip
4. Copy/paste the clip html <--- DONE!!

...AND here's my practice result beneath...

...WELL, if you wanna put your images/clips in somewhere else than in the left side, you can do that by Compose.

AND, DO NOT forget to write your blog from Edit HTML, while you're putting the images/clips' html thing! ;)