Thursday, October 6, 2011

Midterm Practice Post

If I'm attaching an image on by blog, I have to do like this...

1. Goto Flickr
2. Search for a keyword to look for images
3. Click "Advanced Search" nearby the searching form
4. Click&check on "Search from Creative Commons Only"
5. Submit the setting
6. Grab a photo html from "Share" ---> "Grab the HTML/BBcode"
7. Copy/paste the html
8. Under the image, put info about where the image came from: Image: (title of image with its page linked) by (whome, linked to one's Flickr Photostream) CC licensing <--- DONE!!

DON'T forget to thank the artist of the image for doing this! ;)

...So, here's the practiced one done by me below...

Forest lake in summer
Forest lake in summer

Image: Forest lake in summer by Alexel-D through CC licensing

AND how to embed a clip from YouTube...

1. Goto YouTube
2. Fine a clip that you want
3. Click "Share" ---> "Embed" and grab the html of the clip
4. Copy/paste the clip html <--- DONE!!

...AND here's my practice result beneath...

...WELL, if you wanna put your images/clips in somewhere else than in the left side, you can do that by Compose.

AND, DO NOT forget to write your blog from Edit HTML, while you're putting the images/clips' html thing! ;)


  1. AWESOME! wow...this is such an awesome blog! its really informative, clear and consise! nice! :)

  2. Glad that you liked it! ;)

    GEEZ, I hope that I'll be able to remember all these myself... XD;;;