Sunday, October 16, 2011


You know what?
If you're getting Helvetica, it costs like HUNDREDS of bucks!!

AND if you're getting a whole family, 1000 BUCKS!!  (And THAT'S for cheap, man!)

...WELL, that wasn't a big issue for you guys who are Mac users...

(* Sorry!  I had to use Ariel instead of Helvetica!  DAMMIT!!)


  1. I say go search helvetica on free font sites. If they don't have the actual thing there should at least be something really close. For free.

  2. Mome,

    Good advice, and I had no idea a font family was so expensive, almost more than a PC---which makes sense ;)

  3. I thought the fonts came with the computer.

    I wonder if the people selling the fonts on the internet that you've linked to are legitimate.

    And then I wonder if you're pulling our collective leg as part of the assignment.

    I think the Praying Mantis in your image is trying to do some kind of mind control on the internet.

    And you know what? I approve!

  4. mome>>
    I guess I've found one!
    TNX, I was almost forgetting about doing what you've told me this time! :D

    WELL, the price of font families depends on how much efforts were given to create the one, I guess...
    Many of the free fonts were made out from another font those already exist. That's what I heard.

    Otto Paertz>>
    WELL, I did, too, till I started learning a few about fonts ... and once I knew how it costs for getting a proper one, I realized that the font was almost like the one only for decent companies or somethings like that. :(

    And the link I showed in this blogpost, I believe it's not the site where is selling the family, but introducing the major visual differences between Helvetica and Arial.
    (Arial is a font that is always installed in Windows computers.)

    AND glad to know that the mantis somewhat succeeded persuading you! LOL

  5. Otto Paertz>>
    OH, that's right!
    I DID put the link to where sells Helvetica!

    I believe that the site was legitimate, because someone who actually told all my knowledge about fonts said that it really costs like that if we're getting a true Helvetica family!