Friday, October 21, 2011

Audio Recording Website In English + Response to Timmmmyboy's Blogpost, "We Are All Artists"

I did some test recordings by using this website called Vocaroo.

As you can sense, the quality of sound is inferior to the website I've introduced in the previous blogpost here...

AND, I did another experiment; right after I tried singing in high/low voices, I just tried keeping talking as long as I could stand.

Aand here beneath are the SoundCloud-embedded one of this record.
(WAV) Vocaroo Experiments & Response To Timmmmyboy by moritatuj17
(Mp3) Vocaroo Experiments & Response To Timmmmyboy by moritatuj17

...Which actually randomly became a response to Timmmmyboy's blogpost, "We Are All Artists".
I think I'm gonna write the response below, after talking about the audio recording thing...

YUP, it DID record everything...
AND by going through the "Help" page there, I couldn't find any info on how long we can record.

SO, if you're brave enough to try speaking longer than 10minutes, I guess this website will be one of your choices! ;)

However, you have to be careful; the data of recording is NOT going to be kept forever online.
If you wanna keep the recordings forever, you must download the data; which is available from the link "Download as WAV" ... I don't really remember the name of the link, though... XD;;;
But I believe you never can miss the link, coz it is located right beneath the place where you can grab the HTML of the data.

SO, I think I'm gonna talk about what I said in the recorded response to Timmmmyboy's blogpost...

I'm with the idea that we all are artists, coz I believe that way of thinking which divides artists/non-artists oftentimes become an obstacle for people's creating things.

You know, by that kinda way of thinking, we actually are limiting ourselves!
That limitation leaves you from doing NOTHING, so we need to get rid of that disgusting idea.

HOWEVER, I do have another issue; I stop making/thinking of something creative, whenever I feel like I'm not doing that.
Coz I'm a lazy person that happens all the time, and I don't know how to overcome with that. X(
I wish I could be like him ... how the hell can he cope with that kinda laziness?  Doesn't he never feel that?

AND by randomly thinking and talking about people's limiting themselves ending up not creating things, I've just found my own point of where I'm limiting myself.
I'm believing that I never can overcome with the laziness,
and I'm not even trying to overcome!!
Isn't THAT a grave obstacle for people who has to have good ideas?

WELL, by randomly speaking for Vocaroo-using experiment, I accidentally bumped into knowing my own way of limiting myself; that, I'll be able to try to deal with that thing. :)

So, people, remember this...


  1. This is a pretty awesome post. Not only do you resolve the audio issue, you also turned this into the blog post response!

    I definitely agree with you that "we are all artists", and with your assumption that everyone should have the potential to create things.

    It was also interesting to hear and contrast your opinion with mine (, seeing as how we're both art majors. From our opinions though it's kinda funny that it seems the "artists" are the ones who aren't setting up walls between those who are and those who are "not", and it is instead the general public who see the term "art" and run away screaming. Hm..

  2. TNX! ;)
    Actually, I did thought that way; this was a GREAT idea, wasn't it? LOL

    Yup, I strongly feel that way, coz by seeing all the assignments posted for ds106, we absolutely can see some awesome stuffs done by "non-artists".
    That seems to be like the project itself is a good example/proof for the fact.

    And yeah, I strongly agree to your observation that "artists" are the ones who AREN'T making borders between artists/non-artists.
    I believe that's coz of those kinda people's feeling "art" as a very familiar, close term/existence to themselves.

    And TNX for your blogpost link! ;)
    I'll be visiting there soon!

  3. It IS a great idea, and I think that if you treat the rest of your posts with the same kind of wacky presentation and concept this could be something quite unique.

    Looking at the idea of artists and segregation though, I realised that while artists aren't really putting up walls, the big museums and galleries probably are. They present their exhibitions like it's the greatest thing ever and then charge you an entrance fee and by the time you get to see the work I feel that viewer's almost feel like it's their duty to think of it as something beyond their reach. Similarly by the time they leave even if they didn't "get" the work I feel like there's pressure to attribute it to lack of understanding rather than poor work or presentation on the part of the artist or museum responsible, which isn't right.

  4. That sounds like my lonely-speech-presentation training, doesn't it? lol

    I know how you feel about art galleries like those ... yeah, they're kinda like labeling artworks like something those are expensive-brands/precious-properties.
    THAT reinforces people to feel separation from artworks; people start to feel like they have to be capable for making bread by their own creativity, in order to release their artworks.
    Which is totally a FALSE!!

    PLUS, I really feel bad about those galleries are coz of people visiting there oftentimes spend money/time just for passing by the shown artworks!
    I was almost disappointed when seeing heavier crowds in the memorial-goods-selling corner rather than in the gallery itself.
    Coz of those DARN charging-viewers-galleries, "art" is kinda becoming a kind of a trophy, not a bunch of values of itself ... which REALLY pisses me off. :(

  5. Hm? Lonely speech?

    And the thing about the galleries is true. That's probably where people get the idea of "this is art" and "this is not"

    Well, "lonely" here does not mean something bad, but just used as a term for calling a situation of a speaker talking without a visible audience.

    GLAD to know someone who is with my feelings toward those buggers.

    Yeah, EXACTLY!!
    Those block-heads have to go to some parks all around the town; in parks, those we can call "art" are EVERYWHERE!!
    Not only man-made parks, but also in nature, like beehives!!
    I believe, everything that has added a work by something (not only human/animal) ARE able to be called "art".

  7. Ah.. I get it now. It's not really lonely though because people can discuss it in the comments, like we're doing right here! :P

  8. Yeah, that's right.
    So that was why I said the speaker hasn't a VISIBLE audience, not just an audience.

    You know, not having visible audience is completely different from a normal speaking in terms of communication, coz the speakers are not able to see what was the audience's reaction until some of the audience actually speak out.

    Well, THAT is one of the goods of those I call lonely-speech, though! lol
    Coz that helps speakers not to be nervous, at least!

  9. True, it is a unique way of conversing

  10. You need to download the wav file of your audio feedback to Timmmmyboy before it gets deleted! This is priceless.

    I love how you're dealing with the mystery of not knowing high long the recording. And the singing at the beginning is out of this world.

    I think Timmmmyboy would be touched with how his talk sparked your own thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Actually, I discovered that we need to download/have QuickTime 7 Pro in order to download Vocaroo-recorded audio files ... which isn't free, costs like 34bucks! :(
    However, I was able to record the recordings using VOON website, which enables me to keep recorded audio files forever as long as my account has enough memory-space ... of course, for free! :)
    Yay! I guess I've found a new, useful way of using online-audio-recording services! lol

    ...About my response(s) to Timmmmyboy, I thought that I was going to make it either writing or making artwork ... so, I was totally surprised to see myself reacting that way! lol

  12. Hey Rimi,

    Don't buy the QuickTime Pro. When you go back to the Vocaroo site where your Timmmmyboy response is, all you have to do is right click where it says Download WAV at the bottom of the page and save the file to your computer.

    I've already downloaded it and will convert as mp3. I can pass the file your way if you wish. Let me know.

  13. OH, the RIGHT-CLICK!!
    I was totally forgetting about doing that!

    TNX to you, I'm now downloading the file ... still remaining though, coz the file is huge! XD;;;

    Thanks a lot! :D

  14. lol the secret was the right-click! sounds like a caption to me :P

  15. Cool - let me know if you need an mp3 of the file.

    Actually, since the file only stays on Vocaroo for a short time, it is probably better to upload it to DropBox or SoundCloud and use an embedded player.

    I'm planning on creating a tutorial for this.

  16. Thank you!
    I'm looking forward to the tutorial! ;)

    Since I was not at home yesterday night, I wasn't able to try doing that. X(

  17. Nice job with the SoundCloud.

    Did you upload the wav that you got from vocaroo to Soundcloud?

  18. Yes, I guess I did! :)
    That is why I was able to do the embedding. ;)