Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Own Warning Sign

Did you notice it?
AND, can you understand it?

If not, BEWARE!!
Coz I NEVER am a female despite of my body born in a female form!
(I actually am a neutral-gender dude, though...)

...WELL, I'm not gonna tell you descriptions of what the words mean, coz

NEVER believe the person's physical gender in respect of perceptions for gender-image.
Just see how the person behaves like, and what the person dresses like.

The physical gender worth for NOTHING but medical scenes and making love with somebody.


  1. I'm really glad that you included the brief rationale behind this work. An artist's statement can often be more compelling than the work itself, and reflects more precisely what's happening inside, although the work you put into the typography in this piece is fantastic!

  2. Thanks for comment again, Ben! ;)

    Yes, I guess the statements of the artists are reflecting the very core point of their artworks.
    Those give directions to the viewers in a way, and that leads the work seen from the audience's eyes to be further than how they look like.

    I really am glad that you digged the typo, coz those are the parts I most took time for! lol

  3. I like this. Firstly because it's obviously an issue that you are strongly opinionated to, and then because, as Ben said the typography is well-considered as well, as an image rather than just text. The kind of "detail" in adjusting the fonts to the image of a man and woman is really interesting, and is even evident in the poses they have

  4. TNX a lot! ;)

    Yup, when I first saw the assignment, it was like I had no other choice!
    And at the same moment I felt that sense, the idea of making those font-tweaks just simply popped in my head. :D
    Yes, I DO like the typo on this work VERY MUCH myself! lol

  5. I wonder if the thinking process for text is different between English and Japanese speakers, seeing as how English isn't pictorial-based at all while Japanese is. Putting this forward because I took another look at the work again and began to see loose similarities with pictorial kanji

  6. Hmmm, I wonder...
    Actually, maybe you've already noticed; there are generally 2 types of letters in Japanese.
    One of the groups is Kanji letters which are either pictorial or meaningful ... which might be the one that YOU already mentioned.
    The second group is just sound-expressors, like katakana and hiragana; however, they also come from Kanji letters, coz those shapes originate to them.
    Not nowadays, but like 100 years ago, there used to be a massive amount of hiragana/katakana with same/similar sounds, and Japanese tended to use those differently depending on cases.
    But since the authority discovered that there are only 50 types of sounds in their language, they just made 50 letters each out of tons of mass of them to be the common-used letters (the letters children in schools should learn).
    SO, coz of all the letters are at least coming from Kanji letters, I believe, Japanese people might be sensing certain kinds of perception/feelings from some letters, even from the phonetic letters.

    PLUS, by using each kinds of letters, Japanese can control moods of words with same meanings.
    For example, when we talk about hotels...
    ホテル: Western-style hotels
    旅館: Japanese-style hotels those are with long-established brands (Chinese-originated sound of reading gives a stiff mood to the word)
    宿屋: old, small, and dilapidated kinda Japanese-style hotels (Japanese-originated sound of reading gives somewhat frank and friendly mood to the word)

    So, yeah, Japanese people's thinking process could be very different from that of English speakers'.

  7. The hiragana/katakana with similar sounds sound like korean actually. I took a class last semester and that was very confusing... Glad it's changed now :P

    The point you bring up about using words with similar meanings to mean different things is very interesting. It makes me wonder if a new assignment can be made by utilising some comparison concept between languages; not only Japanese of course since not everyone on the site knows it but if it were, say a Writing assignment with an open comparison language it could be quite a good thread..

  8. OMG, you're such a man of ideas!!
    GEEZ, I really dig that idea! :D

    AND it could be over-retro, though, it just reminded me of this story...

    In Japan in Meiji period, people tended to think that it is rather naughty to speak out his/her love for somebody else.
    So when some young Japanese writers tried to translate a western love-story novel, they did not know what to do when they came to the scene which a character asks another for marrying him (or her, I don't remember...) ... and so, in order to solve the issue, they begged Soseki Natsume for advice.
    And here's the great writer's solution; "月が綺麗ですね (The moon sure is beautiful)."

  9. Lol that is an interesting way of putting it.

    Lemme know if it does get turned into an assignment :P

  10. Your post is excellent. Ben clearly stated how your statement about the work and the amazing work itself support one another.

    And then the comment thread here has just blown me away. I'm so impressed with the deep issues you and William are grappling with. This is truly a joy to be a part of.

    Thank you.

  11. mome>>
    OK, I'll think of how I can make it into one! ;)

    Glad to know that what I've done in the image are interacting nicely, just like I wanted! ;)

    For all these comment-communication, this oftentimes happen, TNX to mome!
    Coz he really often comes up with awesome ideas from reading what I wrote.

  12.'re welcome? :P No but seriously, I can only respond to something that's already there so good job right back atcha! :P

  13. score another one for the art majors :PPP must've been all those compulsory critiques :O

    Sounds like art-majors are hijacking CIS course! LOL

  15. Well that's what they are right? Art course critique sessions..not like we can run away from them.

    Aand for the record I would like to say that we are not in league with Otto Paertz. o.o

  16. Speaking of Otto Paertz, he's been awfully quiet lately. I thought he was supposed to lead us to the promised land of digital storytelling.

    Maybe he's too wrapped in the football season in North America.

  17. mome>>
    Yup, we'll be failing without attending them ... well, I won't be discouraged for that coz I know that thing can be inspiring me very often. :D

    ...Well... HAHAHA... XD (traditional Japanese skill; ambiguous laughter)

    I guess so ... I've seen him on Twitter sometimes, though.

    Oh, is it NFL matches season now?

  18. Or maybe he's silently watching, biding his time...

    Kinda unrelated, but Morita, just came across this vid and the opening lines just made me think of this post :P (and the opening is kick-ass)

    P.S. The song is a cover of a Vocaloid ( creation ;)

  19. @mome - that entire video is unbelievably cool - I was captivated. For me it totally blurs the line between what is the original art and what's been created by the fan (possibly because I have no awareness of the character in the video). It's mind-boggling.

    @morita_tuj sorry for going off on a tangent on the comment thread for your post

  20. mome>>
    The clip was AWESOME!!
    It gave me feelings of like I'm listening to a story of a deserted kitten or something, rather than an adolescent's ... WELL, I guess the anime shows how those two figures could be similar in a way, though.

    Not at all! ;)
    Glad to have/watch all the great interactions/evolutions of memes/ideas here in my blogpost! :D

  21. Scott: No "original" art appears in the video. Everything is fan-created :D

    Morita: The thing about 2 figures being similar actually sounds like a comment on your piece :P And actually I wonder what would the reaction be if the warning sign was put up in an actual environment, say as toilet signs. Which would people go into?? ;D

  22. WELL, let me guess...

    If I were the person who saw the sign, I think I'll still go into "LADIES" restroom ... coz I know how some guys feel like if there is a person just looking like their opposite sex.
    Seriously, when I was wearing a boy's formal suit recently, a lady who thought I was a boy in a physical way, called out to me to stop me entering ladies restroom.
    NO ONE feels totally comfortable when seeing an opposite-sex person in restrooms ... and I'm an expert of understanding that feeling, coz that's the situation I often have to face.

    You know, it is fully OK for minorities to speak out about their existence/rights, but that doesn't mean that they are allowed to deny/ignore/disrespect majorities.
    I believe, it is a lowest level of showing respect for people like us to make ourselves look like the appropriate sex in order to use restrooms we feel comfortable using.

  23. It's nice to know that you also consider others' opinions, although you're obviously very strongly opinionated yourself about this topic.

    In a way I think all foreigners in Japan are exposed to something similar, at least in theory when faced with the dilemma of choosing to be themselves, or to fit into a society that is so different from our own

  24. redbaiters>>
    TNX!! ;)

    That's totally true ... I believe, all minorities in world are always being with such issues.
    AND I won't say which is better whether to keep behaving as themselves or to fit themselves in their surroundings.
    Coz it always depends on where they are aiming for; for example, if you wanna live in peace you never wanna speak out too loudly, and if you wanna change the surroundings gradually you never wanna stay quiet.

  25. and then you have assignments like this where you should express yourself :P

  26. YUP, that's right!
    I never can miss a chance like this, coz it's my dream to make as many Japanese people as possible recognize existence of people like me! :)

  27. I'll be looking forward to your future submissions then :)

  28. TNX!!
    I'm looking forward to finding assignments those I could be inspired this way! ;)