Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogposting for the Midterm

Hmm ... WELL, I guess I have no choice but to write on the VISUAL topic... :D

Well, I guess that it itself is a very broad one.
However, coz of that broadness, it allows people to make any kinds of things.
Like an obviously DERP kinda things, for example...

image: DERP by Amadeus Varadi Hellequin through CC licensing

Well, I mean, any kinds of visualized information could be relating to that topic.

For example, who would know that these people are so looking like each other with out this clip?

A simple visualized info could be very powerful enough to crack people out!
How is that simple?

Like putting a fancy-font, tender words on an image of a murderer, putting a dialogue that never describes the figure in an image, and else...

However, that is not the only thing, obviously...

You only can upload your artworks to let the people know what kinda things you make;
THAT could be the main good of what visualized information could do for people, I guess.
As you might already know, HE is good at doing such things. :)

GEEZ, I really love this one here!
This blogpost is a well-done one, coz it activates both moving/non-moving visualized info here!

Well I'm absolutely bad at making visualized info that is enough for triggering a massive audience... XD

That is because of I am a bad writer, as you can see here...
Good writings could be a big support for visualized info, like you can see in this kinda assignment...

OMG, I'm doing things SOOOOOOO randomly... XD;;;


  1. Haha you know what, I almost did my post on derp and almost used the same cat picture! Good thing I didn't O.o

  2. WTH!!
    That's GREAT! It's actually proving how lucky I am! XD

  3. Good post. I'm glad you linked to Mome's awesome work. He sure seems to know what he's dong with the visual assignments. Also, the Derp picture you chose wins forever!

    I noticed that the last link in your post goes to a suspended account (nothing could be seen) might want to double check it.

  4. OH, I didn't realize that the link was suspended!
    Maybe I learned not to link to those kinda page anymore ... which was a page that is explaining an assignment.