Thursday, October 27, 2011

My "Ex-Wife"

This blogpost is personifying a non-creature thing.
AND it is shouting out love toward it.

"She" is my "ex-wife" ... actually, I still would like to call her my wife.

She was the best mobilephone ever in my life ... but now, she isn't able to work anymore, coz a Japanese phone company quitted supporting her model coz its frequency was no more used coz of frequency reorganization.

Her model was named W42CA (Japanese link, sorry!), and it was the very first model which allowed monthly-fee-use of Internet from the G'zOne series.
She was released when I was at the very last moment of my high-school age ... and I simply fell in love with her ... coz she was just PERFECT!

She had a cute, round outline, and was thick; she really fit well in my hand ... and still.
However she was bad at Kanji letters, she was positioning every single function very usefully that I felt like she was my partner since I was in my mom's womb.

Yes ... she was the very best wife in whole world for me ... and I guess, still is now.

Now, I have a new wife.
But I remember that when I had to get a new one, I could not stand looking for the one who was similar to "her" ... I guess I still am seeking for an image of the greatest wife I've ever been with.
It has already past like half a year since I've started my new life with the new partner, but still, I sometimes try to treat her as if I'm with the later one.
Then, I always face slight, but obvious differences between "her" and the new wife ... each time, I suddenly miss "her" so.

"She" still sits beside my bed, but she doesn't wake at all coz she ran out of her energy several months ago.
"She" still looks the same as she was, but she'll never be working smoothly anymore coz metal pieces in her should be forgetting what they were already.

...Did I love her...?




  1. Your new wife is pretty good looking (⌒▽⌒)

    Seriously though, it's always hard to lose your first love, whether it's a real person, or your first piece of really awesome technology. I still have my original Nintendo Gameboy, even though the front plastic screen has fallen off, and the link cable is dead (no more head to head Tetris battles).

  2. TNX for comment! ;)

    Yup, she is also beautiful as well, and I'd say she is the most beautiful one of all the working mobilephones now! lol

    > Seriously though, it's always ...
    ---THAT'S really true ... especially when the one was the very ideal for you.
    Well, for all of the recent technologies, I guess they are releasing new ones way to quickly, though... lol

    Nowadays however, I guess I'm now learning to get along well with my new wife.
    Not as much as the ex-wife yet, but better than before, obviously.
    Coz actually there was another ex-wife which I never took her out with me more than a day ... I had to get her coz of signing up for a new mobilephone-use payment-plan ... sounds like a political marriage, doesn't it? lol