Monday, October 31, 2011

Based on #1QAD part5

[VOON] He can call me a flower, if he wants to ... I won't mind.

"Well, THAT'S alright. He can call me a flower, if he wants to ... I won't mind."

What about THIS one? :)
I believe you CAN recognize this, coz it's from a very famous anime-film! ;)


  1. I'm sorry for not commenting recently - at the moment, I am doing radio on my computer so can't listen to this.

    I will be back to check out what sort of magic you're bringing to these audio #1QADs.

    You are really rawking this digital storytelling thing!

  2. TNX for comment! ;)

    Well, I was thinking that words could go further than what is written there if the poster reads it in one's voice.
    In this 1QAD project for example, by mimicking the tones and rhythms of the original ones of the quotes, it might could be easier for answerers to figure out where the quotes came from.
    Just like we could see in another ds106 assignment, by designing the ways of reading, we absolutely can control the moods of words.

    In my opinion, written words are just bunch of letters.
    They can change their meanings and atmospheres depending on the readers' perceptions and even desires.
    However, a bunch of letters itself is totally neutral.
    It can easily be changed if the presenter of those letters intends to add something to it.