Monday, March 12, 2012

Poem, Kinda Like... 2

"I noticed that the cigarette smoke has colors of slight purple and yellow"

When I got home,
went back to my room,
and opened the door,
the atmosphere was turning
somewhat white.

I knew why.

Who supposed to be waiting
for me, never turned
around to say
hello to me;
he was surrounded

by smoke.

I love him.
And I thought he did,

I'm not wrong at all,
I guess.

I had to cough
all the time to stay
near by him,
and I hated it; however I
couldn't quit it.

I lied down next to him.

Coz he'll never
respond to my words,
I have to feel like I'm not
there; all I could do
was to watch the ribbons of smoke

disappearing in the air.

I buried my face into his back.


No comments for this thing...

Maybe, only one thing I wanna say is,
I'm fed up with damn cigarette smoke. :(

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