Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poem, Kinda Like...

"In the Winter Bathtub, Late At Night"


The water-smoke
was all gone.

there are water-drops
on the window glass.

The largest drop dewed
on the window pane.


I guess
I've forgot
what I was dreaming about.

I'm pretty sure
that I shouldn't...

I have to get outa here anyway.

Just a random writing... XD

I actually wasn't thinking of writing a thing like this these days, but kinda started to feel like doing it, yesterday, in the bathtub. lol

Oh, well, it's been a while since I've last written a poem...
Coz I had a chance to learn how to write a poem at TUJ and felt fun, I long for doing it sometimes. :D


  1. I'm glad you posted this poem.

    I enjoyed reading it.

    Thank you.

    1. I never expected someone frm the CIS course to make a comment on this post! :D

      No, I wanna thank you, thank you for reading, and putting a comment on, also! :D
      It is my pleasure! ;)

  2. i like the idea of steam being likened to smoke! and i also like how your dream seems to be forgotten in the midst of the steam transforming into dewy condensation--you've created interesting movement with these verses!

    finally, what is most interesting to me is the notion of time. sometimes only a few seconds can feel like minutes, or minutes like hours, and i wonder in this case, was time slowed down for you, or did it go so fast that you couldn't ever fully grasp your dream?

    either way, i enjoyed it! i'm glad our poetry class inspired you to write more, and i hope you will continue to write! ^^


    1. So sorry for a late reply! I had to work for my writing assignments! X(;;;

      Well, about the term "water-smoke", I just wanted to uniform two words related to water, in order to express the wetty atmosphere.
      So glad that you liked it! :D

      AND about the time flow, yeah, I was thinking of something like what you've said.
      I sometimes experience a sudden sleep when I am awfully tired, and when I woke up I find myself have been slept for some minutes, however I thought that I was sleeping only for a flash!
      That IS an odd experience. XD

      I guess I wanna write even more ... I don't know when it'll be actually for the next time. XD