Friday, September 30, 2011

What I've Found Was...

Actually, the things were completely the same to what Mr. Lockman talked about in class... XD;;;
...OH, don't tell me that you're already board!!
I absolutely AM trying to add some my point of view and thoughts, too! XD;;;

...WELL, first, I'm gonna point out what I'm going to consider as a main point;
How memes expand as materials among Internet users.

To point that out, I wanna introduce you some examples.
Plus, I wanna mention that those examples are mostly coming from Nico-Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画/oftentimes known as "Nico-Do"), coz this movie sharing site obviously shows where each meme comes from.



First, I'll show you an example; Hatsune Miku & leek relationship.  (For knowing further about Hatsune Miku, you've gotta see THIS BLOGPOST of momefactory!)
*This is a special credit for you guys who are reading this blogpost! XD
The image above is possibly one of the most well known image of Hatsune Miku.

Actually, she was not related with such vegetable originally ... but related coz of the story I'm going to tell you now.

One day, one person recognized these two memes;
"Ievan Polkka (Ieva's Polka)" by Loituma, and
a scene from BLEACH anime which Inoue Orihime twirls a leek in a weird way.

THEN, the person somewhat came up with an idea of combining the two ... which came out like THIS below.

*Sorry, I was eager to upload the clip here directly from Nico-Do, but it seems not to be working, so I decided to put the same clip from YouTube. XD;;;

THEN, some viewers learned to like this Loituma Girl clip (the clip I just introduced above).
And since when the clip became famous/popular was almost the same to when Hatsune Miku started to be popular as well (2006), one of the Loituma Girl fans came up with combining Hatsune Miku with it.

NOW, I guess you've noticed that there's a familiar-looking Hatsune Miku in one of the clips! 
*Again, these two clips supposed to come from Nico-Do, however I couldn't manage it... :(

Coz of these kinda clips, now Hatsune Miku is known as a character who LOOOOVES leeks!
...If you're able to read Japanese, you might wanna see THIS CLIP as well ... or, even you cannot read any Japanese, you'll even see some other interesting stuffs there, too! :D



Next, I'll show you another example ... this one, I'm gonna talk about in my presentation as well.
That is a clip-material well known as "Get Down (ゲッダン)" in Nico-Do.

The origin of this clip-material was kinda similar to how Loituma Girl thing was made;
again, someone simply combined two memes.
Those memes are these two shown below (both are released in 1997).

Golden Eye 007 game by Nintendo (characters "bugged"movement)

"Promise" sung by Hirose Kohmi

...The two memes' combination came out like THIS!
*The clip uploaded in YouTube was lacking sound due to the copyright, so I had to simply put the link from Nico-Do. X(;;;
Then, someone was so interested in the clip that he made up his mind to make a hand-drawing anime for it *again, coz of the copyright the sound of this clip in YouTube was lacking...; which actually defined what the "Get Down" dance should be as a clip-material meme.

The anime clip was traced and danced (?) by the fans ... and there also are variations, too! XD

In addition, coz of the original drawn "Get Down" dance clip, the song became famous AGAIN, and the original singer herself is now calling the song as "Get Down (ゲッダン)" rather than the actual title!


NOW, here, I have to conclude from these examples...

If a meme started to be used as a clip-material it'll become burst-spread by the fans, 
and that causes another meme, and another meme causes a next another meme ...

Now I think I'm done...

Oh, but wait!
If you weren't able to see the links from Nico-Do, you've gotta sign-up for the site!
Not only for going through this blogpost, but also for your fun! XD


  1. Thanks for the highly informative and well written post. I'm afraid I wasn't able to see the clips from Nico-Do as I'm not yet registered. I'm very interested in this evolution of memes as you describe.

    This remix / mash-up culture is quite exciting. The time and effort people put into building upon these different clips is most impressive.

  2. >>I'm afraid I wasn't able to see the clips from Nico-Do as I'm not yet registered. I'm very interested in this evolution of memes as you describe.
    ---I'm so sorry about your not being able to see the awesome clips...
    Actually, I highly suggest you to get a Nico-Do account, so that the clip-sharing website absolutely will satisfy your interest!
    If you could understand Japanese in addition, you'll be able to read through encyclopedia articles written by Nico-Do fans; which is quite interesting/funny/curiosity-satisfying.
    (Contents in this encyclopedia are mostly about meanings of put-on-tags of clips, that they somewhat trace the track of meme evolutions oftenly.)

    >> The time and effort people put into building upon these different clips is most impressive.
    AND I see some fans calling those people as "Lovable Nuts" and I strongly agree with that saying! lol

  3. good post. i enjoyed watching the clips

  4. Glad that you WERE able to watch the clips!
    Coz for some, they aren't available for ones who aren't joining Nico-Do!