Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Today, I'd like to introduce some simple HTML things here! :D

WELL, you know, I am NOT an expert ... so JUST BASICS!!

First of all, I'd like to mention about how an HTML thing look like.

There is a certain formula, which looks like this;

< *** >xxx< /*** >
*** = a command; how you wanna make "xxx" to look-like/function in a page
xxx = a thing that you wanna make appear; it could be a text, an image, etc...

Well, the VERY basic is this thing; < *** >.

For example, the HTML I was talking about in class with Mr. Lockman;
link HTML looks like this below.

If I resolve this; URL
it looks like

< a href=URL > URL < /a >

...WELL, it's one of the basic HTMLs, but it seems a little confusing ... like,
"What the hell's 'a href' thing?"
I know, that's what I thought about it! XD

Well, anyway...

So first, I think I wanna start off from the simplest ones. :)

= < B > BOLD < /B >

= < I > ITALIC < /I >

= < U > UNDERLINE < /U >



< center > CENTER < /center >

= < blink > BLINK < /blink >


AND some complicate stuffs; I at least remember

= < marquee loop=infinity > MARQUEE < /marquee >
*infinity could be 1-infinity

= < FONT color="aqua" size="7" > AQUA/SIZE7 < /FONT >
*color name could be color code#, and font size could be 1- (1-7 for keitai websites)

...I don't know and am not sure whether they show up when I publish them, so I gotta check afterward...
(They fxxkin didn't show up in the preview! X(;;;)

ALSO, those functions are already there in the composing bar of the blogposting form, so you might never have to mind about those shits now... XD;;;
PLUS, it's far much easier to check everything while composing at the same time, rather than typing all those HTML stuffs... XD

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