Sunday, September 18, 2011

Editing My Page to Make It Look Like Mine

PHEW!!  THAT was so fun! XD

I made up my mind to make my blog page look like a very particular one. :D
AND I really felt that it is REALLY GOOD for an art-person to do that.

I'm not talking about how the person can express one's self ... it's more a DAMN simple thing;


You know, an art-art-person tends to be a dude who never can stand a situation/status that the one can't show one's audience what kinda person he/she is like. LOL

WELL, as you may see in this page, I'm OBVIOUSLY that a kinda dude! LOL

For example, some of you might know ... the drawing tiled in the background is one of my favourite works of MINE! XD
Actually, I was trying to make a painting to be tiled here, but not now, coz the image seemed to be too large...

WELL, anyway...

Maybe you wanna try what I did from

-> "Template Designer"
-> "Advanced"

if you're really eager to speak out who you are! ;)


  1. New blog layout looks good. Thanks for the pointers on how to do it.

  2. Thank you!
    I believe that the blog turned out to be much an easy-one-to-see thing! :)

  3. hey i love your drawing!!
    I have taken a photo class at tuj so I wanted to change the background to my work!
    good to know! ill try it as you listed above. :)

  4. Really? Good to post this blogpost, then! :D
    I'm looking forwward to seeing your blog with a new background! ;)

  5. Great Mai, isn't cool how you got inspiration to do your own background image from reading Rimi's blog and seeing her example.

    Let us know when you've made the change or if you have any questions about how to customize.