Friday, September 16, 2011

POP Culture... (continuation)

OK, at last I was able to come back!! XDXDXD

Alright, where were we last time ... I bet I said that I'm gonna talk about another POP culture that came from Axis Powers Hetalia!

I guess that POP culture thing isn't popular among the world yet, but only among Japanese Hetalia fans...

That is

↑Here is Italy.
Maybe this could be one that is the most used in all the emoticons of Hetalia characters, coz he is the main character. :D
However, it actually has some variations;
Sad/Crying→  (=д`=,)ν

Those variations have something to do with emotions of characters, but there are other variations those refer to individual preferences of someones who use those emoticons;
as you can see in the link I put in above, there are different ways of expressing Hetalia characters' faces.

I think I wanna introduce the most favourite Hetalia-character-emoticon of mine! :)

(回言回){Hm, m' name's Sweden.) ←THAT'S HIM!! XDXDXD

WELL, why I like this character's emoticon is ... I guess I have 2 main reasons;

I think I wanna introduce all the variations of his emoticon;

Normal→           (回言回)
Anger/Stare→  (回誉回)
Glasses Broken→ (困言困)
Surprised→    (口言口)
Glasses Lost→  (3言3)
Glasses Lost 2→  (3誉3)


AND if you got used to those variations, you can play around in advance...

Happy→      ヽ(回言回*)ノ。・;*°:*
Shocked→     Σ(回誉回;|||
Anxious→     ヽ(回誉回;ヽ≡ノ;回誉回)ノ

FUNNY, aren't they? LOL

...WELL, I guess now it's kinda hard to conclude this post... XD;;;

OK, here's my conclusion;

Now you know that one POP culture could be influencing/fusioning-with another POP culture!


  1. Interesting post and interesting to see the Japanese emoticons. Also, most Western emoticons are sideways, but Japanese ones are right-side up. Curious how that worked out..

  2. TNX for a comment! :)

    Well, I believe it's coz of the form of letters they're using.
    Since Japanese have Kanji-letters, many of the letters are having a certain level of complexity, and some are also having a symmetric shape.
    That makes much easier for people to select shapes those actually look like parts of right-way faces.
    Plus, they've learned alphabets as well ... they also have choices to select alphabets for parts of face-shapes.
    So, I guess, Kanji-letters became triggers of Japanese people's making such sorts of emoticons.

    Also, I see some of non-Japanese speakers starting using virtical-way emoticons, too.
    They might come up with ↓these↓ kinds of emoticons, only by using letters you can see in English-based keyboards!
    (@u@`*) (Y_Y`) (ToT) (a"a#) (-w-`)

  3. Wow, great insight on original Japanese emoticons I would have otherwise not known about, since my iphone only has these:

    f^_^;) (^O^)/ ( T_T)\(^_^ ) (#^.^#) (._.)

    Which back in America I found them extremely Japanese since Americans don't use those.

    Again, Kanji is a mo fo...

  4. Actually, there's another interpretation of mine;
    I believe those Japanese emoticons are having something to do with Japanese manga culture as well.
    Coz, maybe you're already able to see though, those emoticons' poses and "facial-expressions" are REALLY similar to commonly-seen kinda manga charcters'!
    So like, maybe Japanese people who first came up with the idea of emoticons were not able to come up with making them horizontally, coz they've never thought of making them that way coz of their getting used to expressions regularly used in manga-comics.

    WELL, what do you think of THAT? :D

  5. Thanks for introducing the Hetalia thing to me. But I must confess that it is all very confusing. It seems there ar lots of characters and story lines to sort out.

    It looks like this could be an example of a cultural cross section that requires a lot of time and effort to learn what is going on. By that, it would seem to have the potential to exclude those not patient enough to figure it out.

    Don't know whether this is good or bad.

    On a side note, some bloggers suggest sticking to one topic per blog post. I put all my energy into following the Hetalia links that I didn't have the energy to try to make sense of the emoticons. That's one reason why it might courteous to your readers to limit to one topic per post.

  6. Since I noticed that it was hard for some people to know that this blogpost was a continuation of the previous one, I made up my mind to put a link of the previous blogpost in around the top part of this one.
    Sorry for confusing you! XD;;;