Sunday, September 11, 2011

Test Post from My Keitai

I've tried enabling my keitai to post my blog from there!
Actually, I tried attaching an image on this post ... how's it going? :)
Gotta learn how to put tags on keitai-posts without openning my PC up!
...WELL, if it's possible, though... XD;;;

The image posted was shown without any issues! :)
But I still don't know how to put tags on posts from keitai ... so I just labeled it afterward. :(

PLUS, maybe new-line-making from an e-mail post is not really working well...
It DID show up when the post was an original one, but when it came to a revision/re-edit it just disappeared!

If you're posting something from your e-mail address, you might have to be posting things those you never need to re-edit; that means, you might not want to post your assignment blogs this way. :(

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