Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enjoying Skype with My Beloved One

Recently, my boyfriend, who is my fiance already, bought a headphone-set for doing Skype with me.

Since we have different company keitai from each other's we had to spend a lot to talk to each other frequently ... but not from now on.
(Some might already know, most of the time we will be able to talk on phone for free if who we wanna talk to has a same company keitai from ours.)

Actually, I had my own Skype coz I already had a chance to try to connect myself to some of my friends.
So I was really wanting to coax my boyfriend to have his own Skype that we'll be able to talk to each other for a long time ... which isn't needed any more coz it seemed like HE was also the one who was eager to have a frequent vocal communication with his own beloved one! :)

Yeah, I'm now very surprised to have such a thing ... a FREE, VOCAL communicating function!!
Plus, the sound quality is far much better than that of when we're talking on the phone!

Coz of recognizing these kinds of technological improvements, I sometimes feel like myself is an old dude ... maybe that's coz of mine having a memory of using a dial-phone regularly in my daily life.
Those kinda phones are like ... I don't know how to explain, but I could say only one thing;
Coz we had to dial those numbers using a circle looking thing, which was called a dial, sticking on the front-side of the phone itself ... which looked like a round slice of a lotus root with each hole having its own number for it ... and using those holes, we had to turn the fxxkin dial for every single number in a phone number!
AND while the dial is moving back to the original position, we have to wait till it is done.
It's still fine when we're dialing no.1 ... coz it's like only "zig!" and that's done for a dial to move back.
But when it comes to talking about dialing no.0, it took like "zi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ig!" for the dial to get back!  UGH!! X(;;;

So that I was sooooo glad to welcome a push-button-phone in my home.

However, now I'm using the Skype thing, and noticed that that pleasantness I tasted was like a 15 year old memory already!

As a simple network user, I strongly feel how time passes by quickly when looking back in my memories related to networks.

BTW, I'm NOT really an old dude; I still am 23!  (Maybe I look younger than that, though... XD;;;)
Oh, gotta try catching up with the quickly-progressing networking things...


  1. Hey I'm 24, now I feel like a old dude! hahah, jk. But yeah Skype and other VoIPs are amazing. With your Gmail account, you can make FREE calls to the U.S! Isn't that nuts? I mean, FREE calls to cell phones or landlines (homes, companies) through the internet right from your computer! I used this during deployments to call family and felt amazing!

    Yeah, coz for me, free phonecalls are like dream-story ... AND that's already real!
    WELL, I still am feeling grateful about having a free line for e-mailing ... we only have to pay for connecting to the Internet, right?

    OMG, and we already can make phonecalls, PLUS real-time visual communications, if we have certain equipments!! J F C !!
    I guess, the next step is making THAT thing a free communication tool! XD